Conditioner Bars by Silver Falls Sustainability

Conditioner Bars by Silver Falls Sustainability

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Our zero waste conditioner bars feature shea butter and ultra-hydrating argan oil, that will leave your hair soft and manageable.

Made only with plant derived ingredients, our bars comes naturally scented and smells faintly of coconut. There are no parabens or phthalates in our product.

This bar works excellent for daily use on normal or fine hair and will last up to 40 washes. It features extra organic argon oil and moisturizing pro-Vitamin B5, this bar will leave your hair light and manageable.

Loved by people with thick hair or curls this bar is 2.2 oz. People with finer hair may prefer to use this bar on just their ends for daily use, and once a week do a deep root-to-end deep conditioning.

New! We now have Unscented and Peppermint

How to use
Apply using brush-like strokes to shampooed hair. Rinse thoroughly. Adjust usage as needed. 

Our regular size bar is 2.2 ounces
Large size is 4.4 ounces. 

This product is not available as sample. Due to the texture, it does not lend itself to be cut into smaller sample sized pieces. 

BTMS 25, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5

Made in the PNW by Silver Falls Sustainability Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rebecca A Araquistain

Best conditioner bar I’ve used

Marissa L.
Easy to use and moisturizing!

I had switched from bottle shampoo to bar first, and I was nervous about the switch to conditioner bar-- my hair is long, coarse, wavy, and dry at the ends. After just a couple uses, I knew I'd made the right choice with this conditioner bar-- it's fabulous and easy! It gives me all the moisture I need with just a couple swipes from the middle of my hair down to the tips. It is possible to use too much and weigh down your hair, so resist the temptation to keep swiping! This also is lasting me a LONG time, saving me money and saving waste. I love my new haircare routine from TSR!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review on our conditioner bars! It's also so helpful for others to hear from other's experience when choosing a hair care product.

Sarah W
Soft hair!

So nice! It doesn’t feel heavy like regular conditioner and the proof was that 3 days later my hair was still doing great and was not greasy (as my hair does get). Love it! I think getting used to the new feel of it initially will be the only issue as the results are lovely!

Althea Fitzpow
Not bad!

This was the first bar conditioner I've tried. It was confusing to use at first, but the best method I've found is to thoroughly wet your hair and the bar, then run it along sections of your hair, pulling it down from root to tip, then use your hands to work it in.
Before using this bar, I was cowashing with another natural conditioner. The reason I gave this bar a 4 is that, as a cowash, it left my hair kind of oily. I did try using it after shampoo, but my hair was only slightly less greasey. However, I will say that it did help define my loose curls! It is a great detangler too, which is more than I can say for most conditioners. I will probably start saving this bar for days where my hair needs a little TLC. So if you use shampoo regularly and have dry hair, this bar is definitely for you.

Conditions well and easy to use

I was worried I would struggle with the application but jumping onto conditioner bar was easy. Just lather a little on hands or directly on hair. Works great and zero waste.

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