Exfoliating Cream - Refillable

Exfoliating Cream - Refillable

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Packaging | .5 oz size in Glass jar with a black metal lid. Return clean jars to us and they will be sent back to Ooliva to be reused for new product.


Exfoliating Cream
A blend of gentle exfoliants and hydrating oils will leave your skin looking and feeling cleansed, refreshed and ready to absorb all the moisture it needs for a bouncy and firm looking complexion. No more layer of dead skin that leaves your skin looking dull. And no more feeling irritated and stripped after cleansing. Just smooth, fresh-feeling skin thanks to the beauty of pure botanicals.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil*+, Aritha Fruit Powder, Rose Hip Seed Powder*, Carrot Root Powder*, Andiroba Nut Oil†, Beeswax, Illipe Butter*‡, Manuka Honey (UMF 16+) and Activated Carbon.

* Certified Organic, † Virgin, ‡ Fair Trade Certified, + Non-GMO Project Verified

Sunflower Seed Oil: This moisturizing carrier oil provides a gentle base that dissolves impurities and leaves skin feeling clean and calm.

Aritha Fruit Powder: A natural and very gentle cleansing agent that won’t leave skin feeling stripped and dry.

Rose Hip Seed Powder: Rose hips are extremely high in vitamin C and a beautiful deep pink-red color. When ground to a fine powder, their seeds act as gentle manual exfoliating agents.

Carrot Root Powder: All the antioxidants of a carrot in an easy-to-use powder. Excellent as a skin conditioner.

Andiroba Nut Oil: This oil is exceptionally high in omega essential fatty acids and helps the skin appear more smooth, soothed and soft.

Beeswax: Beeswax is known as an emollient, which means it attracts and holds onto moisture; this makes it excellent for hydrating the skin! It has a gentle honey-like smell and also helps maintain a nice and smooth texture in natural skincare products.

Illipe Butter: Similar to cocoa butter for skincare, Illipe butter is a fantastic moisturizer that helps the skin look and feel soft and smooth.

Manuka Honey: The superfood of honeys, manuka comes from a very special kind of tree that grows in New Zealand and contains an unique spectrum of botanical compounds that make it especially suited for use on the skin. Like all honey, manuka is also a humectant, meaning it attracts and holds onto water which makes it a fantastic hydrating skincare ingredient.

Activated Carbon: Activated carbon is both a gentle exfoliator as well as a clarifier. It’s used to draw away impurities and helps the skin look more clear.

Made by Ooliva in Seattle where every recipe is painstakingly formulated and created in small batches with as many organic, fair trade and non-GMO ingredients as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Judi C
Exfoliating cream

I was excited to try the exfoliating cream and add to my skin care regimen with the night cream by the same company which I love. Not sure if I used the product correctly. After application it was very difficult to wash off. My towel had black residue on it as well. My face was red and irritated after use. It may have been my reaction to the charcoal (?). Due to this experience rated a 2. Another person may not have these issues.

Love the exfoliating cream

I love this gentle exfoliating cream. My face always feels so soft and smooth after using. It doesn't overdry or irritate my skin like a lot of other facial products/washes.

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