Laundry Concentrate Bar - Makes 1 Gallon of Soap!

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It is like any liquid laundry soap, just without the chemicals and plastic bottle waste! This is a paste concentrate-to-liquid formulation you dissolve at home using your own water and your own container. Refill your same container forever! No more tossing out big ole’ plastic laundry jugs. Each waste free laundry detergent bar dilutes to make enough liquid, plastic free laundry soap to wash up to 256 loads. This zero-waste, plastic-free Laundry concentrate is budget-friendly at less than $.10-$.20 per load. 

Use 1 Tablespoon for regular loads
Use 2 Tablespoons for large or very dirty loads

How to Use
The laundry concentrate MUST be dissolved in water first!
Just drop the bar into regular tap water and let it dissolve overnight.
No hot water, no stirring or mixing required.
Each bar dissolves to make ONE GALLON of liquid laundry soap

Don't want to make a full gallon?
Simply cut the bar into 4 equal parts and each piece can be dissolved into 32 ounces of water. TIP: 1 Liter (32 ounces) is a much easier amount to lift and pour!
Store the unused pieces in a container to keep it dry. Shelf life for the undissolved pieces is > 2 years. For dissolved concentrate, we recommend you use it within 6 months.

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Soap Nuts Liquid, Saponified Lye, Yucca Powder, Baking Soda, Oxalic Acid, Salt, Rosemary Oleoresin

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's very easy and works well

It was easy to cut into smaller pieces and dissolved into the water.

Amy L
I like it!

I like this laundry soap! It’s great how it dissolves in water! It’s easy to use! I only wish it had a stronger scent.

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