Laundry Liquid by Puretergent - Refillable

Laundry Liquid by Puretergent - Refillable

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We are discontinuing this laundry liquid. We have a new unscented laundry liquid that is more concentrated and requires only 1 TBSP per load. Check out Root & Splendor laundry liquid here

Packaging Options for Delivery/Pickup | Pint Mason jar (approx 16 oz) | Quart Mason jar (approx 16 oz) | Half Gallon reused plastic jug (approx 64 oz) | Half Gallon glass growler or Mason + $5 deposit* | Gallon reused plastic jug (approx 128 oz | Gallon glass growler + $9 deposit*

The price of larger glass containers has increased and the deposits are what it actually costs to replace. 

Pour into your own containers or use from our container. When empty, you can return containers (please rinse of all soap residue), lids and delivery bag by leaving on your doorstep when we deliver your next order. We'll leave your new order and take the empties to sanitize and reuse. 


Laundry Liquid
Get your clothes clean with our biodegradable and grey water safe formula. We're happy to offer Puretergent products and participate in their closed loop system. We sent the large containers back to them so they can refill with soap!

How to Use:

1 oz is all you need for an average load (2 Tablespoons for HE or Standard Machines). For large, heavily soiled loads or towels use an extra ½ oz more.

Ingredients Lavender: Water, proprietary surfctant, laurel glucoside, tetrasodium iminodi-succinate. sodium polyaspartate, proprietary herbal blend

Keep out of reach of children. Mild eye irritant, harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, flush eye with cool water for 10 minutes. If swallowed, drink water and contact a physician.

Made by Puretergent, a woman owned business in Oakland, CA. Their products are non-toxic, greywater safe, biodegradable, and UL Ecologo Certified, working to lower the impact on our environment.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Howard
Laundry Liquid

My clothes come out clean and with a nice dent of lavender. Yet, not a overpowering sent.

Marissa Lewis
Excellent, long-lasting product!

This laundry detergent surpassed my expectations. It has a very pleasant but light scent-- I chose lavender-lime, and it's subtle but fresh. A little goes a long way, too-- it took me a while to figure out how many pumps worked for me and my machine, but I eventually just found a number of pumps that worked and stuck with it. I use an old body wash container, otherwise I'd enlighten other users with my ratio :) Thanks for another great product, TSR!

Angie Santiago
Sensitive Laundry Soap

It cleans our clothes sufficiently and does not irritate our sensitive skin.


I think the detergent cleans. It’s hard to say. However, the jar and pump set up is very messy. I recommend finding a way to include a measuring device (or a pump-count) in order to make this a more efficient and less messy product.

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