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Our shop will be closed Friday Aug 6th and Monday Aug 9th. Apologies for the inconvenience.  

Come shop in person! Bring your own containers to fill with home products, personal care products and bulk dry goods by weight. If you don't have containers, we have a selection of jars you can purchase. We also have recycled paper bags for dry goods. We sometimes have reused clean jars available for home and personal care products. 

Our staff is vaccinated, but we are still requiring masks of everyone as we feel it's the right thing to do until our entire population including children have the opportunity to be vaccinated. 

Our current hours:*

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: 12-5pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursdays: 12-7pm
Fridays: 12-5pm
Saturdays: 11-5pm

*Please check back regularly for our current hours. We have a very small team, so while we try to keep things as consistent as possible, there are sometimes changes. 

Can you bring your own containers?

Yes, please do bring clean, dry containers to refill. We can refill glass jars, plastic bottles and really most any container. If you don't have a container, we have Mason jars and other bottles for purchase. We also have recycled paper bags for bulk dry goods. 

What if I have Tacoma Soap Refillery containers from delivery orders and I want to refill them in the shop?

We've been a bit wishy washy about this up until now, but it's time to put parameters around it. Delivery containers and reusable bags belong to us. If you have our containers that you would like to refill in the shop, you have 2 options. you can absolutely fill it and pay the delivery/pick up price from our website and continue to keep the containers/bag on loan. If you plan to continue to refill in the shop, we ask that you return our containers and logo delivery bag (if you have them) and refill your containers or purchase one of our containers that you can continue to refill. 

How does the refilling of products work?

  • We'll weigh your container to get the "tare" weight. This allows us to subtract the weight of the container so you are not paying for it. 
  • We then fill your containers with as much or as little as you need
  • We'll calculate the cost of the item either by ounce or in some cases by pound, minus the weight of the container 

In Store Products

All the home and personal care products on our website are available by the ounce in our shop. Pantry items are not on our website yet, but below is a list of what we carry. If you would like prices on specific items or would like to request that we carry a certain item, please feel free to reach out through our contact us page or direct message us on social media. 


Valhalla Coffee Beans - Out of Stock
We absolutely loved being able to carry coffee beans, however, we were not able to sell enough by the freshness date and so we have stopped stocking it. If you are interested in being able to purchase package free coffee beans from us, we would love to know as we hope to bring them back on a pre-order basis. We're also open to other local coffee producers, so send over your feedback.

Mad Hat Tea by the ounce

Blood Orange Rooibos 
Blueberry Rooibos
Brain Tea
Coconut Bao Zhong
Mad Paris (Earl Grey Blend)
Cassandra's Mambo

Apolis Tea

Blackberry Bergamot
English Breakfast
Morrocan Rose
Nocturne (Chamomile Blend)
Uber Tart Infusion

Organic Spices

All Spice
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Salt-Celtic Sea Salt
Salt-Kosher Flake
Star Anise

Organic Grains • Legumes • Flours • Rice • Etc

Flour - All Purpose Unbleached
Flour - Whole Wheat
Flour - Oat GF
Flour - Garbanzo Bean GF
Flour - White Masa
Grain - Polenta
Grain - Popcorn Multi colored
Grain - Rolled Oats GF
Grain - Thick Rolled Oats
Grain - White Quinoa
Legumes - Black Beans
Legumes - Garbanzo
Legumes - Green Lentils
Legumes - Pinto Beans
Legumes - Red Lentils
Pasta - Penne Brown Rice
Pasta - Penne Semonlina
Rice - Brown Basmati
Rice - Jasmine Brown
Rice - White Basmatic Rice