Body Butter - Refillable

Body Butter - Refillable

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Our body butters are made with simple ingredients and are amazingly effective for softening and rejuvenating dry skin. A little goes a long way.  

4 ounce glass jar with metal or plastic lid

When you run out return your jar. We will wash sanitize and reuse. 

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Coco Butter. Scented with essential oils.

Locally made by Anlea Essentials

Customer Reviews

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Very Greasy

I love the zero waste aspect of this, but unfortunately I find it to be very greasy. My husband has even commented on noticing grease on handles of things I've touched after using this. Other reviewers said it wasn't greasy, so maybe different scents aren't as much so or maybe it's a new formula? It does smell great!

We're sorry to hear that you don't love the body butter. A body butter is going to tend to be heavier than a lotion and a little goes a long way, so it's somewhat the nature of the beast. Also different skin types will absorb the butter differently, which might explain why some folks don't find it greasy. Totally understand not liking that greasy feeling though! We also have a refillable body lotion that might be a good alternative. It even comes in a sample size.

This stuff is amazing.

I wasn't too sure when I first opened it, but it really is amazing. I, as do many of us, have really dry skin from all the handwashing. This butter really helps, and absorbs quickly.

Body Butter-great scents and soothing for frequently washed hands

Lavender and lemongrass is a wonderful combination. A small amount of butter melts and spreads easily on hands and absorbs quickly. Very soothing

Lavender/lemongrass is our favorite! Happy to hear this and appreciate the review.

smooth and fluffy, like a cloud.

I love love love this body butter. It goes on smooth and soft, I love how its whipped like consistency. Super hydrating, not greasy. Lovely scent. Give it a try!

So happy to hear you love our body butter! thank you for all your support and taking the time to review :)


This is just what I was looking for, very moisturizing! Hope they make a refillable body lotion soon too! I'm also dreaming refillable sunscreen in a glass jar someday!

Happy to hear this! ps. We're actively working on a refillable body lotion too :)

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