Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free
Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free

Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free

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Our dental floss is made from natural fibers, is compostable and comes in a glass refillable container. Choose from Vegan Bamboo with activated Charcoal or Vegan Cornsilk. 

The glass floss container is glass and metal and comes with one 33 yard spool. Refills packages come with 2, 33 yard spools. They are packaged in a small recycled cardboard box that can be composted or recycled. 

The glass container is yours to keep. Order just the refill packs and refill when you run out. 


Customer Reviews

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no shredding - even for tight teeth!

My partner and I love this floss (activated charcoal)! I've used Glide for ever and was nervous about changing because my teeth are REALLY tight and flossing with anything else usually just shreds and gets stuck between my teeth. Not this stuff! It's strong! And even though it's thick, it still works super well. Plus, the canister is just awesome.


Love this plastic free alternative to conventional floss - holds up great and does a fantastic job! Couldn’t be more pleased!

Great stuff

Got it for my husband and he really likes it.

So happy he likes it!

great for me and the environment

no more plastic floss. this floss doesn't shred as easily as others either. great baby step for our planet.

Makes me want to floss my teeth 🦷

This floss is mind blowing! I just had to write a’s seriously that great! I love how it’s thick enough to grab any extra nastiness between your teeth, yet it easily glides through your teeth and never gets stuck like some of the thicker types you get from the grocery store. I’m so obsessed with this. This product makes me excited to floss my teeth every night, and before using it I just flossed because I knew I had to. Hands down the best stuff I’ve ever tried, and I’m even more thankful that it is plastic free!!! Yay! The environment is happy about this product too!

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