Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free
Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free

Dental Floss - Refillable & Plastic Free

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Our dental floss is made from natural fibers, is compostable and comes in a glass refillable container. Choose from Vegan Bamboo with activated Charcoal or Vegan Cornsilk. 

The glass floss container is glass and metal and comes with one 33 yard spool. Refills packages come with 2, 33 yard spools. They are packaged in a small recycled cardboard box that can be composted or recycled. 


Customer Reviews

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Very happy with my floss!

Thanks for delivering a floss refill! I enjoyed my original activated charcoal floss, but when I ran out, decided to try the cornsilk floss this time. My teeth were a bit tight for the charcoal product, but the cornsilk fits nicely while not being too thin to be effective. It smells nice and works well. I'm noticing it's important not to pull too tightly as the floss may snap if strained too much, but that hasn't been a problem. I'll definitely continue to order it.

We're happy to hear that the cornsilk floss worked for you!
The best floss!

My husband is very picky with his floss so getting him to change brands was hard but we both love this one! And the jar looks very nice and minimal in the bathroom.

A bit on the thick side

So, the floss is a bit on the thick side, but that being said, I'm not going back to my old floss because the company quit making it and I am all about making a difference and making my carbon footprint smaller. I do like the floss, it just takes time to get used to it. It's nice and strong and I actually use less floss than I did before.

We're so happy to hear that your committed to making a difference and we're honored that we can help support your mission!

I am a bit of a floss snob as I have very tight teeth that cut most dental floss. I’ve never found a natural one that works. Until now!!!! While my husband likes the corn silk, it broke for me, but the bamboo is phenomenal. This stuff is great! I’m so glad that I can floss without guilt. Works perfectly and looks cute on your counter. Five stars!

We're so glad the bamboo floss works for you! Also super helpful info for others who need a floss that won't break with tight teeth. Thanks so much!

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