Laundry Liquid for Colors - Refillable
Laundry Liquid for Colors - Refillable
Laundry Liquid for Colors - Refillable
Laundry Liquid for Colors - Refillable

Laundry Liquid for Colors - Refillable

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Calm with lavender essential oil protects colors and keeps them vibrant. Use Calm with favorite sports jerseys, black t-shirts or leggings, new cardigans and sweaters and jeans. Calm keeps fabrics super soft and happy and leaves them scent-free and residue-free.  Calm formula is HE, for high efficiency machines, non-foaming, biodegradable, and safe for grey water effluent.

One of the reasons we chose Puretergent is that they offer a closed loop system by taking back their empty 5 gallon containers from us to reuse. 

How to use
1 oz is all you need for an average load (2 Tbsp for HE & Standard Washer) For best results, pretreat stains before washing either with our stain stick or with the Purtergent liquid. PRETREAT WITH PURETERGENT LIQUID: If you have a stain or spot, drip a dime size spot directly onto the stained area and gently work into the stain. Allow to sit 10 minutes before adding garment to the washload. Works in both hot and cold temperature settings. Wash whites with fresh in warm or hot water for stunning results.

Quart glass Mason jar
Half gallon glass Mason jar*
Gallon glass or plastic jug*


Optional pump dispensers are available that will fit the quart Mason jar, half gallon Mason jar and gallon sized jugs. These will allow you to use the refill right from the container. 

*We reuse plastic jugs that we get other products delivered in and your gallon order could come in either. If you have a preference for a glass jug or a plastic jug, please indicate in the notes and we will do our best depending on availability. 

On your next delivery day, leave all empty containers and caps on your doorstep in the delivery bag. Keep your pump dispensers. We'll leave your new order and take the empties to wash, sanitize and reuse. 

Botanical surfactants, plant based conditioners, natural degreasing agents, eucalyptus essential oil, plant extracts, water

Does not contain:
Chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products, EPA priority pollutants

Keep out of reach of children. Mild eye irritant, harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, flush eye with cool water for 10 minutes. If swallowed, drink water and contact a physician.

Made in CA by Puretergent

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Great Laundry Soap!

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