Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls
Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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Packaging | Dryer ball set comes in a cotton draw string bag that can be used for storage or reused for many other things.


Dryer balls are the new heroes of the laundry room. They reduce drying time, wrinkles, and static, soften clothes naturally – keep harmful chemicals off of your family’s laundry, and dryer sheets out of landfills. Did you know that dryer sheets coat your laundry with a chemical softener that ruins absorbency?

When not in use, display them in a basket or bowl on the table for a beautiful, tactile (and non breakable!) accent. Apply essential oils and you have a lovely, soft scent diffuser. Apply essential oils to them before putting them in the dryer with your clothes and you'll have a delicious smelling load of fresh laundry. 

The value in these dryer balls goes beyond the money you won’t be spending on dryer sheets. They’re an investment in our planet and in the health of your family.

Our dryer balls are NOT made of yarn, which eventually unravels. They are needle felted, and then wet felted. They take a little longer to make, but they are the best quality and will last you all of your laundry doing years.

These dryer balls are not the largest on the market – and that is a deliberate choice. Bigger is not always better! In this case, repeated use of larger, significantly denser dryer balls can stretch and damage fabric over time. We have carefully chosen the size of our dryer balls to be effective and safe for many years of use. Each dryer ball weighs roughly .8 oz and measures about 8 inches around.

How to Use
4-6 for a small load, 6-8 for a medium load, 8-10 for a large load. Our favorite way to use them is to put a few drops of essentials oils on them for fragrant clothes. 

They come in a muslin bag – perfect for gift giving or just to store them

The core of each ball is freshly carded 100% wool batting from a family run mill. Colored sets are additional 100% wool from small family run companies. These dryer balls will last indefinitely, but should they become unusable, you can throw them into your compost bin.

Made in the USA by Bog Berry Dryer Balls

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Matters

Wool Dryer Balls


I’ve only used the dryer balls a few times so far. They haven’t seemed to reduce drying time on things like thick bath mats or wool mattress protectors.

However, they are beautiful and seem to eliminate the static from my husband’s synthetic workout clothes.

Beautiful colors, nice size, quality product!

I’m excited to try out the dryer balls with my next launder. They are colorful and compact. I believe they will display nicely in the laundry room when not in use. Happy to reduce my impact on the environment.

Beautiful Colors!

The wildflower dryer balls are lovely colors, and arrived in a cloth bag just right for giving as a gift!

N McDonald
These wool dryer balls are wonderful!

I used these the same day I received them, and they cut drying time in half! Love that! Thank you for a wonderful product that helps reduces my footprint.

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