Safety Razor - The Butterfly XL Handle
Safety Razor - The Butterfly XL Handle

Safety Razor - The Butterfly XL Handle

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The Butterfly razor is not just beautiful; it performs flawlessly. With a similar length to the 3-piece razors, the Butterfly differs by securing the blade just by twisting the bottom to open and close the blade holding plates. This is a great model for many people as it handles every shaving situation well, will last a long time, and truly feels awesome to hold and use. 

Comes in the regular length and extra long length. Why? Well, some people just like the long handle. Others say it's easier to shave their legs or their heads with the extra-long handle. It's just a matter of preference.

We also carry the 3 Piece model

Razor comes with 10 blades and an envelope that you can collect your used blades in. You can return your used blades to us and we will send them back to Albatross where they are upcycled into new (non-razor) products like Take Back Ware

Tips for using a Safety Razor for the first time:

  • First, make sure you are using a good lubricating shaving cream or soap. This is Critical to ensuring the blade can glide smoothly over your skin
  • Hold the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees between the blade and your skin
  • Do not apply much pressure or pull too hard; the weight of the razor itself is acting on the blade and that is generally sufficient for a great, close shave
  • Use short strokes, especially in the beginning
  • Rinse the blade often as you go
  • For an excessively excellent shave, try shaving after a shower or steam bath. The heat, water, and steam help to soften the hair for an even better shave. Note, this is not necessary though
  • Concentrate!

We also recommend watching Youtube videos. Here is one made by Albatross that focuses mostly on the face, but a  quick search will bring up many other Youtube videos for more details on using safety razors.

Caring for your Safety Razor:

Like any good tool, taking care of it will make it last longer. You should rinse all the soap/ hair/ gunk/ etc. from your razor after each use. Then shake it dry. Ideally you will store it somewhere dry, please do not store wet. You can clean your safety razor and blades by soaking in vinegar and water for 10 minutes. If you notice corrosion or rust starting to develop you can also generally rub that spot vigorously with a terry cloth towel, or if a more aggressive approach is needed, use a small piece of emery cloth.

Customer Reviews

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Jake F
Nice razor

I've been using a safety razor for years and decided to try this one out because I love their mission of recycling blades. It's a really nice razor. Lightweight and easy to use. Blades work well too. Zero razor burn, smooth shave. For those still using multi blade razors, do yourself a favor and get a safety razor. Blades are ridiculously cheaper AND better.

Alexis Krell

Safety Razor - The Butterfly

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