Returning Empties

Our closed loop milkman style delivery system depends on getting empty containers, lids/caps and delivery bags returned so that we can continue to reuse them. 

Before returning containers to us, please rinse them clean of product, it really helps us get them ready for their next use. It's not necessary, but if you do put the glass jars through your dishwasher just make sure you keep the logo stickers on, they should hold up fine through a dishwasher cycle. 

We do not charge an upfront deposit on containers, so they are essentially on loan to you when you receive an order. You are welcome to use your product straight from the jar or pour into your own container, but please plan to return them to us.

How can you get them back to us? 

1) Leave them on your doorstep on your delivery day. The easiest option is to leave them on your doorstep for us to collect when you have a new order coming. If you pick up your orders from Wild Hare you can leave empties there when you pick up your order. 

2) Drop them off at our Popup Shop inside La Paloma Tacoma. Drop them off at La Paloma during their business hours - Thurs/Fri 12-5, Sat/Sun 11-5. Ps. Make sure your name is in the bag or on containers so we know who left them. 

3) We may be able to pick up. If you have been diligently saving those empty containers and want to get them returned, but don't have am upcoming order, you can reach out to us for a pickup and we will see what we can do. 

If you have questions, email us hello [at] tacomasoaprefillery [dotcom]