Giving Back

Making a bigger impact in our community than we can as individuals has always been one of our main small business goals.

We commit to giving a portion of our sales to organizations that work to improve the lives of the people in our community and around the world. Whether it be through education, direct services or through environmental efforts. Humans and the environment depend on each other to thrive. 

The following is a summary of where our money is going.

Q3 2019

Music & Heart in Wright Park • Artist 4 Life

A music festival in the South Sound supporting H.O.P.E. Victims Advocacy Foundation. 

Q4 2019

Direct services to Tacoma's homeless citizens by contributing directly to The Tacoma Striezelmarkt fundraising event. 

Q1 2020

Provided items for auctions at the following Tacoma Public Schools: Geiger Montessori Elementary, Sherman Elementary, Seabury School and Delong Preschool.

Provided items for an auction at Kopachuk Middle School in the Gig Harbor, Peninsula School District.

Made a donation to 2nd Cycle, Tacoma's Community Bike Shop. 

Q2 2020

Made a donation to the following organizations:

Tacoma Adventist Community Services Food Bank, Tacoma WA
Citizens for a Healthy Bay, Tacoma WA
HopeGivers - Tacoma Rescue Mission, Tacoma WA