Wish it Were Easier to Reduce Your Waste?

Is your recycle bin overflowing, but you're not really sure how much is actually being recycled back into usable products? Want to move to a smaller trashcan and not only reduce garbage that is sent to our landfills but save money?

Our mission is to make reducing single use containers and refilling home and personal care products easier for you.

We offer home and personal care products delivered to your door in refillable containers along with a line of reusables and low or zero waste items that replace disposables.

Plastic has gone from a miracle material to a natural disaster in just decades. And while many amazing things would not be possible without plastic, we've certainly gone overboard as much of it is from things designed to be used only once then thrown away. It's become clear that our linear, take-make-dispose economy can't continue forever, but items packaged in disposable containers are still most often what we are presented with when shopping for home and personal care products. It's not always easy or convenient to seek out alternatives. The best of intentions can be derailed when you're under time constraints or doing errands with kids. 

We can help.

We created this company because when we moved to the South Sound, we did not find many options for products that we were used to refilling where we lived previously. Options were limited and required trips to several different stores, some across town. This was not ideal for us and so we created Tacoma Soap Refillery to make using refillable and plastic free products more convenient. 

Our guiding principles are:

  • To make reducing dependence on single use products more convenient for you, our community. 
  • To make a bigger impact in our community than we can as individuals by donating a portion of our sales to non-profit organizations that are doing work to improve the lives of people living in the South Sound. A portion of our sales in 2019 will be donated to organizations that provide support and services to Tacoma's homeless citizens. Our 2020 give back program is still in the works. If you are involved with or know of an organization that you'd like us to take a look at, send us a message
  • To show our kids that we care about the world we will leave behind for others and that we can have big dreams and make them a reality

We hope you will join us in taking a closer look at where changes can be made towards reducing waste not only in your home, but place of work and in your community. We hope you will also join us in inspiring others. 

Learn more about getting refills delivered or visit our shop.  Our products have been carefully selected, we don't sell anything that we don't use ourselves. We are proud to support many local, women owned and minority owned businesses. 

Our founders, Jen and Justin, live in Tacoma WA with their two children. Contact them anytime with questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, etc. They would love to hear from you.