We have lots of pantry items available in our shop where you can bring your own containers to fill by the ounce or pound. It's a bit trickier for delivery - we cannot currently take jar returns to wash and reuse on pantry items. We've been working on the most sustainable way to get these items to our delivery customers and you will see that some of our dry goods are available in industrially compostable packaging. 

This packaging will not biodegrade in the landfill (nothing will) nor can it be recycled, backyard composted and many city food waste bins cannot accept them. PLEASE RETURN TO US so that we can get them composted properly. We've partnered with Cedar Grove composting and will be using only packaging that is certified through the Compost Manufacturing Alliance and can be composted in their industrial facility. 

We also want to acknowledge that this is not a perfect solution. If you prefer and are able to purchase dry goods by refilling your containers, then you definitely should. Either in our shop or another store that carries bulk dry goods. BUT If our pre-packaged goods delivered to you are a good choice for you and more sustainable than the alternatives that are readily available, then great, we're here for you!