Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! This page is an ongoing work in progress. If you have a question you do not see answered, please don't hesitate to ask. Send questions here  

Once my recurring subscription renews, when will it then be delivered?

Your subscription is set to renew on the same day of the month that you originally placed your order. Once it renews, it will then be delivered on the delivery day in your area following the renewal. For example, If your delivery day is Tuesday and your subscription renews on Wednesday, we will deliver the following Tuesday.

How do I make changes to my subscription products?

You can easily make most changes to your subscription products including adding a subscription product. When you log into your account, above "My Account" you will see a link for "Manage Subscriptions." That link will take you to a list of your subscription products. Select edit next to the product you want to make changes to. Here is where you make changes to the product variant, renewal date, quantity, how often, add a product and payment info. You can also update your delivery address. 

If you have trouble making changes in the subscription system, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re happy to help.

Combing orders/delivery fees

If you have a current order or subscription order in our system and want to place another order to combine, just use the code COMBINE. We will combine your new order with your existing order or subscription order and make sure you don't pay for delivery twice or that you get free delivery if combined is over $50. 

What if my containers are not completely empty when my new order is scheduled to arrive?

You can either keep them until the following delivery or transfer to your own container and leave out for us to pick up. It's up to you. We just ask that you plan to return our containers and reusable delivery bags within 120 days.  

What if I have empty containers or delivery bag, but not planning to order again in the near future?

Our delivery model depends on recouping unused containers and keeping them in circulation so we appreciate getting items back. If you have empty containers but not planning to place an order anytime soon, you have 3 options for returning containers to us. Read more here

How are products packaged when you buy them? Am I really reducing single use plastic?

All our liquid products come in large plastic containers, mostly 5 gallon buckets or 5 gallon carboys. Some manufacturers take back the large containers to refill, many don't (Yet. We hope this practice becomes more commonplace) The good news is that 5 gallon buckets are not single use. They are made of sturdy plastic and can easily be reused over and over again for many many years before they become unusable. We use them for many things around our house. We can only use so many of them ourselves, so we clean them out and give them away. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in obtaining 5 gallon buckets for your personal use. We are happy to drop off if you are within one of our delivery areas. 

Is our delivery carbon neutral? 

Yes! as of April 2021 we are working with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees. Every $1 we send them plants one tree. We plant at least 50 trees every month which offsets the carbon of all our deliveries and then some. 

We have always been as mindful as possible and grouped our deliveries by neighborhood to reduce CO2. We also plan our route to keep emissions to a minimum. Our delivery vehicle, while gas powered, is one of the most fuel efficient models. We've done the math and our delivery vehicle emits less CO2 in a year driving above average miles than the average passenger vehicle driving average miles. We plan to reduce our carbon even more in 2021 and are saving to invest in an electric vehicle for deliveries.