Loose Leaf Tea by Mad Hat

Loose Leaf Tea by Mad Hat

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Your tea will come packaged in a compostable glassine bag, secured with a compostable sticker. Both the bag and sticker are backyard compostable. Feel free to return to us for proper composting if you prefer or do not have access. We do not recommend storing tea in the glassine bags long term. 


About the Tea

Coconut Bao Zhong (Pouchong)
Can Coconut taste any ‘nuttier’. Flavoured with a unique Taiwanese ‘coconut milk’ derivative. A beautiful twisted Oolong, long leaves that are perfectly roasted with just enough of the toasted character without abandoning their green roots you will be amazed by this Tea if you like Coconut and Hazelnut. Mad Hat's number one selling flavored Tea.

Genmaicha is the famous Japanese blend of Green Tea and toasted Brown Rice. One story goes that back in the day Tea was a luxury item and toasted rice was abundant and cheap and in an effort to stretch the Tea, toasted rice was added. Another story is about a Samurai and a soon-to-be-beheaded servant named “Genmai” who accidentally dropped some rice in his cup. The Samurai, after the beheading, sat down and drank the Tea and loved it and felt remorse, for a minute or two. I like this story best. This Tea tastes great and is a good ‘starter’ Tea for those of you just dipping a toe in the Green Tea pool.

Mad Paris (Earl Gray)
Earl Grey blended with Black Currant and a hint of Vanilla. So delicious, this has become one of our most popular tea blends. Yum.

This is one heck of a relaxing drink. It calls to you from the cup with aromas that are somehow reminiscent of a continent most of us have never been to; and it has a really cool name.
Blue Mallow flowers, Corn flowers, Orange, Rooibos, South Africa, Vanilla

Brain Tea
Everything you need to get your act together. Cram for the test. Build a rocket ship. Balance your checkbook. Enlivens and invigorates!
Black Tea, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Kava Kava, Orange, yerba mate

My Throat Hurts
One of our best selling remedies. SO many sore throats ask for this and people whose throats don’t.
Cayenne Pepper, Echinacea, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Licorice

Tropic Zhong
Pineapple Coconut Oolong

Blueberry Rooibos

Blood Orange Rooibos 

Dragon Mountain Green

Made locally by Mad Hat Tea

Customer Reviews

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Janell Brown
Amazing teas!

We tried the Genmaicha and Coconut Bao Zhong teas. Both were so delicious - fresh, complex flavors. I will definitely buy again.

We're so happy we were able to bring you some of Mad Hat's Amazing Teas!

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