Baking Soda Free Magnesium Deodorant
Baking Soda Free Magnesium Deodorant

Baking Soda Free Magnesium Deodorant

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Packaging | Comes packaged in a kraftboard tube with label. The tube and label are commercially compostable, however. If you want to compost it at home, take the label off. 

Important Note
When the weather is warmer, your deodorant could get a bit melty. Be very careful and if you think it's gotten soft you can just pop in the fridge for a bit to firm it up. We are storing our deodorants in the fridge for the summer as our bathroom gets too warm.


This all-natural, baking soda free, plastic free deodorant is battle tested. Whether you're hiking, jogging, house cleaning, you'll come away smelling fresh. This product gets high marks for effectiveness and also lasts quite a long time, up to 6 months. 

How to use
You raise the deodorant by pushing on the bottom disc of the kraftboard tube. Sometimes the tube can be difficult to push up, so push as firmly as needed. Apply by swiping in one direction, just enough to cover your armpit, do not over apply.

Please Note
This is NOT an anti-perspirant. Anti-persiprants use aluminum salts to clog sweat glands. If you are switching from an anti-persiprant, it may take you a few days to detox.  

Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Magnesium Hydroxide, Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oils.

Made in the PNW by Silver Falls Sustainability Co.

Customer Reviews

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Caitlyn Wisher
Smells amazing!

Since switching to this deodorant I noticed that I def don't smell bad the whole day. I can catch hints of my deodorant fragrance occasionally and it's nice to know I'm not smelly in a bad way. I still sweat a bit but that's because this deodorant does not block your sweat glands which is great. I know I'm not just doing good for the environment but my own health. I will continue to buy thus brand for as long as it's around.

Melissa Ashton
Love this!

I switched from antiperspirants to this natural deodorant and love it! It took my body a few days to get used to it (smell-wise, I was stinky for about a week), but now I'm good to go. I hated the thought of using chemicals on my body - switching this up brought piece of mind!

Sara Woodward
I love this low waste kraftpaper tube!

Great scent, goes on easily, no plastic. Win!

Erin O’Hagan
Baking soda deodorant

The tube was stuck down and when I tried pushing it up about half of the product erupted from it. The product itself is great but the cardboard tubes sometimes get stuck inside each other.

Angela T
Baking soda free deodorant

It’s fantastic. Got it for my child. Wanted to avoid chemicals. Tried it myself and it works great!

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