Loose Leaf Tea by Apolis

Loose Leaf Tea by Apolis

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Your tea will come packaged in a compostable glassine bag, secured with a compostable sticker. Both the bag and sticker are backyard compostable. Feel free to return to us for proper composting if you prefer or do not have access. We do not recommend storing tea in the glassine bags long term. 


About the Tea

English Breakfast
This tea is smooth with a thick jammy flavor and a bright finish with notes of grape skin. Excellent black or with milk.

organic black teas

Moroccan Rose
A rooibos blend featuring the delicate flavors found in Moroccan sweets like cardamom & rose. Paired with our cold-pressed bergamot oil, this caffeine-free herbal brews a smooth, fragrant cup that is perfect with dessert!

organic rooibos, organic rose petals, cardamom hulls, organic cold-pressed bergamot oil, organic cardamom oil

Uber Tart Infusion
So tart and so good. A blend of hibiscus and freeze-dried fruits, this herbal brews a deep fuchsia cup. Excellent over ice or hot with a touch of honey. Aronia (chokecherries), goldenberries, and rosehips take the edge of the cranberry and hibiscus just enough so you can guzzle this super concentrated tea to cure what ails you. Wink wink.

organic hibiscus, organic rosehip, organic cranberries, organic aronia, organic goldenberry

A sweet, floral blend of chamomile, rose, and orange blossom with a touch of lemongrass. It brews a medium-bodied cup that is fragrant & warm, just like a summer night. Excellent before bed, sitting on a porch swing, or any time you need to relax.

organic chamomile, organic lemongrass, organic rose petals, orange blossom

Most of the world's peppermint comes from Morocco, but here in the US, the Pacific Northwest is king. Our peppermint tea brews a sweet cup with a clean herbaceous flavor and seriously minty finish. Refreshing hot or iced.

organic peppermint

Blackberry Bergamot
What says "Pacific Northwest" more than blackberries? Not a lot! This organic house blend of black teas combines juicy, ripe blackberries with the bright citrus flavor of cold-pressed bergamot oil. Excellent with milk and sugar; delicious hot; and show-stopping over ice.

organic black teas, organic blackberries, natural flavor, organic blackberry leaf, organic bergamot oil (Italy)

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