Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss
Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss
Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss
Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss

Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss

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Options | Refillable glass canister w/one spool of floss | Refillable bamboo canister w/one spool of floss | Pack with 2 refill spools


Traditional floss is made of plastic and usually housed in a plastic container. These pieces that are so tiny, easily end up in the environment and create hazards for wildlife.

Our floss is Vegan, Completely Biodegradable and Coated with Candelilla Plant Wax. This organic all natural bamboo floss is 30m/90ft.

Organic Bamboo Floss, Natural Mint Flavor, Charcoal Infused, Coated with Natural Plant Derived Candelilla Wax

Customer Reviews

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Virginia Yanoff
Excellent floss

I have used silk floss, corn silk floss, and of couple of other natural, degradable flosses. THIS one is the best natural floss I have ever used. It does not shred, break or tear at all. I will definitely keep getting this one!

Chiajung Cathy Chung
Nice and Strong floss

This is the third type of non-plastic container floss I've tried, and definitely my favorite so far! Algae based floss was too weak and broke many times each time I flossed (but I had to use it up, made for frustrating few months). The other one (TreeBird) was okay, but I had to buy it on Amazon which I prefer not to do if I can help it. Then, voila! I found out that TSR carries this one and it is nice and strong, not too thick but not too thin. A winner!

Althea Fitzpow

Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss

Strong & Effective

I've been using this floss for over a year and feel really happy with it. It's strong so it doesn't snap, and it's not too slippery. It feels like this floss really cleans between teeth rather than just sliding without doing much. Highly recommend.

So happy to hear you are still going strong with the floss! Thank you!

Rebecca Osborn-Coolidge
Bamboo Floss

I love this floss, It works well on my too-close-together teeth and I love that it is compostable and doesn't come in a plastic container.

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